The aim of the competition is:

  • To bring out the most worthy candidates for the title "Miss Armenia" and provide the winners with professional growth.
  • "Miss Armenia" will serve as goodwill ambassador in Charitable initiatives and with her beauty she will unite all Armenians to realise her kind intentions.
  • Due to the competition "Miss Armenia we can find girls who will represent the RA in prestigious international competitions.
  • To support women to present themselves in the world of film and fashion.
  • To participate and organise various charity events as a goodwill ambassador.
  • To support the models to take part in advertisements, clips and TV programs. Within this competition we are also going to:
    • Hold aesthetic and artistic manifestation of right behaviour, master classes and public speaking workshops.
    • Makeup, hairdressing advice.
    • Participants' photo shoot.
    • Taking participants' video clips.

  • To hold a fair and transparent election.
  • To make the "Miss Armenia" winner a symbol of elegance, intelligence and kindness.
  • To hold a beautiful closing event , which will be interesting and highly anticipated by the whole nation.
  • To give the participants opportunity to demonstrate themselves in the model field and in the field of film production.